Twister Chips!

Made to order from a whole fresh potato!


Live Music

On The NN Stage

Featuring The Region’s Best Acoustic


Hand Washing Station

Cleans Hands In 10 Seconds!


Craft Beers
Topped with our unique frozen Beer Head!

Craft Beer-To-

Served In Mason Jars!



“Best burger place in the world. No question. Go whenever I can. Love this place!”

“The line is always out the door.
They must know something about making quality Burgers!”

Probably the best burger I have had in Virginia and possibly anywhere. This place is literally so advanced in their methods from the automated hand washing station to their amazing burgers – they have things down to a delicious science!

“This was by far the best burger place I have been to! Way better than Five Guys and Shake Shack. Nothing like it anywhere. Restaurant was clean and set up very cool. I can’t wait to go back!”


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