Twister Chips
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No-Nonsense: (adjective) Straightforward, Upfront, Genuine, Matter-of-Fact, Down-to- Business, Down-to-Earth

When it comes to how we run our business and how we make our burgers, “No Nonsense” is our motto. Always straightforward, we choose only the best ingredients; such as our Premium Wagyu Beef, provided fresh to us by a 4th-generation family-owned butcher. Our experienced hospitality-experts are trained to come to work ready to get Down-to-Business, and excited to provide Down-to-Earth service and an upfront, clean, and genuine atmosphere. We are dedicated to providing the rarity of No-Nonsense Burgers, No-Nonsense Service, and a No-Nonsense Dining Experience to every guest we serve.

The first NN Burger was founded in 2014 by restaurateurs Jay Wolfson and Steven Sponder.

NEWS: WE ARE NOW FRANCHISINGIf you are interested in owning one or more NN BURGER® franchises, please apply HERE.


    • We were voted “BEST BURGER” in statewide competitions (6 straight years).
    • Our custom blended fresh (never frozen) Beef comes from Schweid & Sons – a 4th generation family-owned purveyor of high quality beef.
    • Our automated Hand-Washing machine washes hands in 10 seconds.
    • We take the necessary time to individually Hand-Craft each Burger.
    • Our Decadently-Topped Freakshakes are Hand-Spun to order.
    • Our Twisters Chips are made from Whole Ribbon-Cut Fresh Potatoes.
    • Our Local Craft Draft Beers are topped with a unique Frozen Beer Head to keep your beer ice cold.
    • Our Burger Toppings are prepared fresh Daily In-House.
    • Our Brioche Burger Buns are Fresh-Baked Daily.
    • Our Outdoor Patios are Dog-Friendly.
    • Youth Sports Teams receive a 10% Discount.
    • We have fast free Wi-Fi and charging plugs near every table
    • “NN” Burger Logo “Swag” Items Are Now Available at The Counter.
    • Our patio tables and benches are constructed with wood from retired fishing boats.
    • Our tables are constructed from re-purposed wood.
    • Join us to hear the area’s best local Singer-Songwriters performing on The “NN Stage”
    • We proudly support 12 Charities and Organizations via our “365 Days of Giving” Program.
    • Save-Time-And-Skip-The-Line with our “NN BURGER” Mobile Ordering App (Download Free)
    • We are Open 7 Days and 7 Nights.