Fill in the form to inquire about performing on the NN Stage

To indicate interest in performing on The NN Stage, fill in the form.

We have TWO ways to perform:
1.) Scheduled Performances (Paid + tips)
2.) Open-Mic Walk-Ups (Un-paid + tips)
Open-Mic sessions can be anytime we do not have scheduled musicians.
*Our Events page typically shows when we have Scheduled Performances and Open-Mic Walk-Up Times.

We provide everything to plug in and play
(microphone, mixer, monitor speaker, house speakers, stage lighting, and tip container)

Our typical configuration is a single musician playing an acoustic guitar (with or without singing). Scheduled sets are typically 3 hours with breaks.

    Inquiring about

    Scheduled Performing (Paid + Tips)Open-Mic/Show up and Play (Un-Paid + Tips)Both

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    Feel free to provide comments and/or links to you performing.